2017: Thar She Blows!’s Future

As so many vloggers and bloggers are in philosophical mode at this time of the year I thought, well, anyway, if it’s so en vogue to become all self-reflective and think about one’s own product’s future and development and maybe even think about plans and goals to achieve in the next 365 days … or so or something … why not go through the hassle myself as well?

Orca pretends to be thinking …

So, yes I indeed did some thinkering. Not too much, mind you as I’m quite happy and content with my personal life and the state of this here bloggy. So no plans to change the basic direction anytime soon. Thar She Blows! will stay a Second Life blog first and foremost, respectively going back to being a Second Life blog, as I plan to spend more time in world and maybe even become active as a TrYC officer again. Yeah, maybe start a new race series, why not? And of course blog about it.

A totally useless inworld group for Thar She Blows!

And more stories about general Second Life topics anyway. Not technical stuff like Inara and Hamlet are presenting us with, but more personal shit like riding and camping and shopping and prim-doodling stories.

Also the Free and Open Source and GNU/Linux world will be another top priority as I believe very strongly in it and think Linux is the perfect Operating System for Second Life computers. So no chance for you getting rid of one or the other Linux writeup in  this blog.


Writing Orca @ the Movies movie reviews is something I enjoy very much and I feel I’m getting better at it. As well as the sporadic music report in my On Heavy Rotation and Greatest Rock Albums columns. Music is kinda huge part of my life so you gotta endure my musings about it. Or, you can just ignore that shit, as this is a blog where you have the free choice. 😉


A thing I absolutely hate is politics! There, I said it. But, as you know politics are love, politics are life. LOL. No, politics are rather important as we all are suffering the bad consequences of our so-called politicians’ and government’s bad decisions. We gotta stay informed and we have to think about politics, particularly geo-politics. It is fucking important! Our very lifes could depend on it. So I will write about politics from time to time, whenever I feel there is something stupid/sinister/evil cooking up. Something antihumane going on or when I see some right wing populists are gaining momentum and leverage I will speak up. Like it or not. It’s not something we can ignore.


Something Thar She Blows! is seriously lacking is reports and opinion pieces about feminism. Let me tell you why: It’s not that I’m not loyal to the real feminism but I kinda hate all modern feminists. They are a bunch of stupid, whiney, spoiled rotten SJW’s with no abilities to regard diverse views. They are of the very egoistical breed that demands immediate gratification. They are greedy without having the necessary philosphical foundation to stand on. I cannot concure with most of their worldviews, and try to stay away from them stupid bitches. Contrary to them I don’t think being a princess is your birthright but only you can turn yourself into a princess. And that demands some hard work, sorry to say.

Tara Reid Drives Around Hollywood Looking For Paparazzi
How Orca imagines modern feminists

I’d like to introduce more columns and topics to Thar She Blows! and I’ll do so when I get an idea or a creative bout. But in the moment I don’t have any fixed plans regarding any really new groundbreaking stuff. Will deal with shit when the time arrives.

So, that’s it basically about your hostess, editor and main contributor. Let’s talk about you for a moment now, shall we? You like or hate this blog, it stirs up feelings of love and/or rage in you, you feel it could be sooo much betterer if only … ya, if what? If your own opinion would be presented here as well, if you had the power to make your own opinion heard. Guess what, it’s all possible. It’s super easy to become a content creator, a co-blogger on Thar She Blows! I’m mentioning Thar She Blows! because this post is about that particular blog and it’s my main concern. Of course you can start your own blog, it’s as easy as becoming a mere co-blogger in this one. But you’d have to start at zero, build a following, a readership, create pageviews. Can you do that? It would mean publishing content regularly, creating stuff people would maybe like to read about or view your photos. If you have a very narrow field of interests and not nearly enough time to to publish your stuff regularly, then the co-blogger solution should be right up your alley.

One-time reporter Slanty is a better, more complete person now, after her contribution to Thar She Blows! She went on to become a famous party queen and disco club owner!

This blog  already has a small number of contributors, mostly really lazy ladies who also only wrote one or two pieces so far. But that’s okay. Better the story is out in the open than caught inside your pretty noggin forever! Every published story helps us all. And who knows, maybe you will discover what a nifty little thinkerer and writer you are and your one-time article awakened your apetite for more and you’ll start becoming more prolific. The world is your oyster.


So let me call for help again. I know I did it a couple times already, with little to no effect but in a new year’s post like this I guess is the perfect time to ask you to step forward and  try your hand in writing. You don’t need to be a Hemingway or a J.K. Rowling, just be your glorious self and have something interesting to say. Maybe you only have one story in you. That’s ok, even more than ok. We both will feel much better after you published it and set it free out in the open. Just contact me with your ideas. Also with ideas and requests you have for me. Want me to interview you, have a looksie at your new house, spaceship, boat, sexbed, whatever?


So in conclusion, and to bring this to an end, let me just state that Thar She Blows! won’t change direction but hopefully become more focussed and nutritious without losing its lighthearted sex appeal. And let’s all hope it will change into more of a concerted effort, the work of a group.

Welcome to 2017, the future starts with You!



  1. One of my favorite Orca posts was your review of the Kink fair, or whatever it was called. You made me truly LOL and performed a public service, sacrificing your time so we wouldn’t have to. 😀 So if you want suggestions please cover more commercial events. I wish I’d done that when I went to something that was on an overfilled sim. The scene on the next-door sim was incredible: hundreds of people desperate to get in, looked like fallen souls at the gates of Hell!

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    • Happy New Year, Luna!

      Yes, it was a fun time I had at the kink fair (or whatever it was called) but that’s usually not me. I mean it’s not my style to report about commercial events or events in general. Not one of those SL bloggeristas, not chique and en vogue enough for stuff like that. It was actually an incident that made me attend the fair in the first place since I was bored and looked at the event thingie on Singularity’s login page to find something to do that day.
      BUT … if you’re keen on reports about such events, you know you are actually a registered Thar She Blows! reporter and we’re all waiting for your first submission.
      Oops, no, you aren’t yet. Didn’t I send you an invite once, in order for you to write about your first steps in Linux?

      /me is confuzzled 😮


      • Sigh.

        I truly admire your persistence [doggedness] re me and Linux, but it just ain’t gonna happen. I did give it serious thought, and still read your Linux posts, but only to observe your frustrations and reconfirm my decision. Messing with computers’ innards and software is something you obviously enjoy, and you generously want to share that joy. But me, I just don’t feel it.

        /me closes book on that discussion.

        BUT yes you did send out a general invitation to would-be co-bloggers, but I don’t recall instrux on how to register. Which doesn’t mean you never sent it, as my memory is moth-eaten. Send it again, if you please. 😀 Inspiration strikes me at odd moments, so being prepared isn’t a bad idea!

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        • Luna, dearest (or may I call you stupid cow please? /me giggles), if I sent you an invite, if, then it was directly to your email addy and you’d just needed to follow a link and confirm with a mouseclick. At least that’s what I guess, since I’ve never received any co-blogger invites myself. But that’s how it should werk. 😉 But, yes, I guess I sent you a personal invite, back when you were a hopeful new Linux convertite. Anyway, it doesn’t need to be about Linux specifically. Once you confirmed your status you’re good to go and can start at any time and write about whatever. Fashion, sailing, artsyfartsy stuff, sex, explorations and exploitations, whatever is on your clever mind. You may even muse about Linux, or the lack thereof, if you’re so inclined and write about why you’re not using it. It’s like with me and mesh/bento stuff. Although that’s gonna change pretty soon …

          So, if you’re up to it please let me know your email addy and I’ll send invite again.

          BUUUT, I don’t know where you get that frustration vibe from my Linux writeups? Of course, with 43 million Linuxes out there, some aren’t so good and some aren’t even functioning as they’re supposed to. That’s no problem and doesn’t even need a fix. Guess what, Windows and MacOS aren’t my cup of tea neither and both would fall flat if I had to write a review about them. That’s not frustrating, it’s just what it is. They aren’t right for me and my personal lazy, slowpoke workflow.


  2. Slanty a reporter??? i missed whatever she wrote
    Linux unix Os’s in general Now everyone says it’s easy to instal it isn’t
    Making a loaf of bread is easy de boning a chicken or scaling and gutting a fish is easy IF younknow how and want to do those things
    OK so i have a 3 year old cheapo second hand lappy ready to go with linux efforts BUT will that lappy run SL not a chance in hell
    SO I’m kinda depressed and siding with LUNA and i to will giggle at Orcas constant struggle to find a decent version she will stick with
    OHHH and a very happy new year to everyone. hugs

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    • OOoooh, poor Sammie, your comment just begs for a more detailed and structured answer:

      1) Reporting Slanty: http://orcasl.blogspot.co.za/2013/01/tryc-m24-world-tour-26012013-event-3.html
      It was about the 2013 TrYC World Tour race in Gulf of Lauren, another of my badly planned and poorly executed but kinda funny race events. And Slanty reported the shit out of it. 😉

      2) Everything is easy once you know how to do it. But installing Linux on your old lappy is easy even when you have not a fukn clue about how to install shit on your computer. It’s much easier than installing Windows. And all the distros I’ve recommended as n00b friendly are indeed baby easy to install.

      3) 3 years old is no age, not at all. A 3 y/o lappy is a 64-bit machine of the 2nd i3, i5 or i7 generation and its cpu’s inbuilt graphic solution is strong enough to let you log into SL … on low details and short DD and probably a bit laggy, but it’s very well possible. Hey, I can even log inworld on my Acer netbook, and that thing is below any standard. Still I can “enjoy” SL well enough to stand around and chat. And hubby’s laptop is even older than 3 years. Both machines have never been even close to any Microsoft product. And they run and run and run …
      Post me the specs of your lappy and I can tell you exactly what you can expect from it. And I can promise you it will bomb my Lenovo desktop and the Acer netbook out of the water! No problem to install and run this nifty distro on it with ease and fun: https://www.linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=228
      And no reason to stand on the sidelines and cheer for team Micrapple any longer!

      4) What constant struggle to find a decent Linux version I will stick with are you talking about? Are you high?
      Girly, on my main machines I’m using Manjaro MATE more or less exclusively since 2012 and am very happy with it. I’m testing out and trying various other distros on my lower end machines and, yes, ok, on the fukn netbook I still haven’t found the permanent solution. BUUUUT I took that thing to Germany now 3 times and used it there exclusively on Linux and it functioned without a problem. This year we will use it even as our only travel puter since hubby wants to leave his lappy at home. Maybe we will get him a new one finally once we’re over there.


  3. The County of Chenier needs much more awesome before I let you move around my little country and expose its present numerous flaws. That said, I’ve started on a minimalist onsen which I hope will please my friends. \

    I don’t race yachts, I tour in them, and cherish the eventual goal of reaching the Blake Sea from Chenier (which sits on the Coastal Waterway).

    I and friends of mine are developing the future extension of Chenier, a civilization based on terraformed planets orbiting Gliese 581 (20 light years from our solar system). We’re one of the cultures which collectively form the Araxes futuristic role-playing sim complex. Nerdy is what we do.

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