Orca is a Gamer! … kindasorta

Don’t believe me? You think I’m one of those boring lamers who only use their computers for writing long, lamenting blog posts n shit?


Just watch me game …



… the Klondike like a boss!

And BTW, this particular deck I winnered!!! And don’t think I’m only up for lame Solitaire clones, I do even play …


… Freecell, which is a clone of Free Cell. And I’m pretty good at it. So don’t assume Orca dunno shit about gaming. Cause that ain’t true. LOL πŸ™‚

Ok, shit aside, there are indeed quite a huge number of games available for Linux. Maybe not as many as for some other computing environments but many more than just the granny n pops style card games. You can find all sorts of games, stuff I don’t even know the names and categories of. But if you’re looking for a graphically intense tank battle it’s there. Or a truck simulator or strategy games or just the good old fisticuffs and first person shooters. Yep, you can have all sorts of fun and bloody games in Linux.

Welshman Chris Were shows us some of his personal Linux gaming faves in this friendly video:

So, there you have it, your last reason not to upgrade to Linux is not valid no more.


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