A slide into the new year that is. Or a jump!

2017, here I  come!

Let’s hope we all make it safe and sound. I guess hubby and me will be exempt from disaster since we stay at home, are totally calm, drink no alcohol and have no dangerous fireworks in the house. Just a lot of sushi and lekker juices and some movies. So new year’s eve will be just like xmas or our wedding anniversary, birthdays or every other night of the year. 🙂


black hair, slut, tattoo, wings - image #129962 on Favim.com
Always remember: Everybody loves a slut!
Tara Reid Drives Around Hollywood Looking For Paparazzi
But nobody loves a drunken floozy …
Drugs and Gambling
… because that’s just sad. 😦


I sincerely hope y’all stay – if not sober – at least reasonable and responsible enough to take a taxi or an Uber (taxi is politically more correct) to the party and back home. And go easy on the drugs, ok? You don’t need to be tipping over and unconscious to be like Totally Sexy!

Pics Photos - Party Queen Jpg
You don’t need alcohol to be a party queen!
浜崎あゆみ – Party queen
You may have to undress tho. =^.^=

So, again:

Acting like a slut is totally fine and acceptable …
… as long as you’re of sound mind …
… and able to leave the new year’s orgy at any time …
… on your own authority and without help.


Just in case there are any boys at the party (why?) one thing must be totally clear:

If they don’t get that … RUN!
Apart from that you’re good to go and be as slutty as you fancy, and your future …
Bright future ahead
… looks bright as fuck!

Vintage Slutty Housewife Easy Sunday Morning Blank Humor Pic All ...

CYA in 2017 (tomorrow) in perfect health and not raped or hung over at all … haha, as if.

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