Whoohoo! \o/ Bobbie! \o/

The Expanse - Season 2

Hey, remember my overly excited post about The Expanse’s season 2 I posted just yesterday? Yeah, of course you do. And you’re as overly excited as me, right? Well, here’s a short sneak peek of Episode 1 for us. Featuring our new hero character Bobbie Draper:

Of course they had to show us an establishing action scene that bears no greater importance for the overarching story plot but it’s good as it shows Bobbie’s first appearance in the novels as well. Just on a smaller scale, fit to Syfy’s tiny production budget. But they made the best of it with very decent CGI. And, yes, I hear your concerns about her being a stereotype lesbo warrior, a girl macho … and maybe she is. Let’s not forget who produces the show. And let’s not forget Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper is from Mars. And from the future. Anyway, just watch and wait happily for season 2 to start in January.



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