Our Fukn Family


From Left to Right wishing you all the best for the new year, and much less lag than they just now experience: Orca Flotta, OhOrca Oh, Mowry Rubble and Phree Radikal. In front, standing alone and looking grumpy because he couldn’t behave and we kicked him out of the line, is our only male and tiny family member Neotel Netizen.

You notice that even our youngest sibling, the radically free Phree, is still old enough to carry a real name and not just a silly Resident ersatz name. Buncha fukn oldbies we are.

Ok, this was an experiment I always wanted to do, finding out how many instances of SL I can run on my hardware/connection. Turned out five is too many. Okay, for one photo it’s somehow possible but we should count ourselves lucky to be sitting on poseballs (well, except the Neo bunny), because it wasn’t really playable anymore. Even setting up the photo took hours (ok, minutes) since the camera movement was very uneven and laggy.

Maybe it would’ve been a bit better if I shared the load between multiple machines but as it so happens MiniMe and OrcNet – due to doing Linux testing duty – aren’t equipped with SL viewers right now, so I hosted all five of us on MiniMax.

Location is the rezable mini beach in Lordshore sim at the Jeogeot Fjord, we know already from a camping trip by Orca and Oh.

Oh, searching for Orca

Wanna know how our little family came about? It’s easy: my first altsister, OhOrca Oh, was an emergency avie I needed because Orca was knocked out of commission. In 2007 the grid was a rather unstable construction and from time to time avies refused to log in or to rez at all. Also when you crashed – and we did a lot of that back then – our avies stayed as ghosts in the place where the crash had happened. So in order to retrieve and resuscitate them Lindens needed to find their last known location on the grid. I invented OhOrca as a search and  rescue medic. She could also try to talk with a Linden on my behalf and tell them whereabouts Orca was seen last or where her ghost was at the time. Back then the Lindens required that info. Often it was necessary to restart a certain SIM in order to unstuck our lifeless avies.

Mowry @ MBYC, debeautified 🙂

Next came Mowry Rubble. I guess the original Orca was again unconscious at the time and I had forgotten Oh’s password, so I created a new alt. Her name came from an unfortunate remark by MarkTwain White, who had nothing but contempt for mainland sailors, in his view unruly people who dared sailing outside of his United Sailing Sims (USS) estate. In one of his diatribes he called the lovely Mowry Bay Yacht Club (MBYC), a fiercely independent club in the yet unnamed Mare Secundus on Sansara and led by Saxxon Domela, the “rabble of SL sailing”. And voila, Mowry Rubble was born. I never particularly liked her because everyone who saw her told me she looked much nicer than me. Grrr. 😦 In due time I changed that! LOL =^.^=


Neo was the first who appeared side by side with Orca, due to much faster ADSL connection

Neotel Netizen was another tech support avie, a normal male n00b at first that I fuked up so badly while trying to make him more individual, I finally decided to make him a Poco Loco Tiny. Even a freebie tiny, since I only needed him to show to my ISP how bad my connection was. That ISP was the Indian Neotel company, a subsidiary of Tata Industries, who are big in the overseas cable business. Of course I needed a male avie in order to be taken serious by their misogynist techies. But they never returned any of my mails/calls anyway. Turned out in the end I just cancelled Neotel’s unbelievably bad wireless service and went back to Telkom ADSL. Neotel didn’t even ask for their rather expensive telephone back, that was used as a kinda modem/router and they claimed as their posession.

Apart from that my brother Neo claims he knows more about sailing than I do.

Yes, I expected quite a lot of Neotel but not their unbelievably low level of service. But their telephone/router/modem thing looked quite fancy for 2008,  doesn’t it?

Phree often becomes quite exasperated with her oldest sister

My last and youngest altsister, Phree Radikal, had no reason and purpose other than to amuse me. I guess that’s why I love her most of the bunch. She’s cocky and brash, always asking my motives, always criticing me … a quality I rather like in a person. Sometimes during our camping trips I saw her biting her own hand, her eyes an empty stare. Does she think I’m stupid? Dunno if I like that too much about this fukn know-it-all. 😦 She’s much too young to pretend being more clever than me! So, basta.



    • Likewise. And to Saphy as well. Don’t party too hard, girls, 2017 needs as much strength as 2016. Times won’t become easier, trust me.


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