World Sailing Show


An interesting YouTube chwss1annel I just found recently is the World Sailing Show. It is published monthly and keeps us up to date with all the “most important” race events and other news and chitchat. Yes, I know, the most important race is your weekly club race or even a race in SL but … you know. 😉


What I like most tho is the partly breathtaking imagery. It’s really great how sailing came into its own right as a beautiful sport to watch in the last couple years, with all those drones n stuff and live broadcasting via satellite link directly from aboard a Volvo racer at any time and any place.


They even managed to make those boring America’s Cup duels kinda interesting to watch. And the World Sailing Channel keeps us up to speed with all the latest happenings. Month by month, every month.


Of course we have seen it all before and we can find the same pictures anytime somewhere else BUT not in such an easy to digest and informative 20 minutes format, with narration and everything. It’s a really good news show.

Here’s the latest, the Dec 2016 edition of the World Sailing Show:


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