Inworld Shopping

The landing place at Tableau …

… is shopping as it’s supposed to be. I love to TP from store to store, from mall to mall and marvel in the sights of the attractions and cool stuffz the vendors have on show. Particularly when you’re just floating around aimlessly it’s quite entertaining and a nice pastime. So right now I was for at least two hours online and spent most of the time in one of my old favourite shopping regions, Tableau. Didn’t even buy anything but got inspiration and will prolly purchase something tomorrow.

… is located right across from the Fashionably Dead main store

Nothing against the Marketplace. It has its advantages. But for a nice little shopping outing you gotta be inworld. Not at least in order to support all the fantastically styled and atmospheric shopping regions and to keep the grid busy and full of avatars. I drove the number of visitors on Tableau up to two and doubled the attendence so to say. ^.^

Very practical stuff every healthy avie needs you can find at RC Cluster

See, it makes sense. You know all the people, mostly n00bs, complaining about SL being so empty and dead? Yes, that’s because people don’t even go inworld anymore to do get their groceries. Only for the stuff they absolutely must be inworld for: Concerts, parties, group activities, LCC Sunday Cruises and so on. That this leads to a dead grid is logical, no?

In fact I guess RC Cluster has the most usefull stuff you can buy. And why buy it on Marketplace?

Have you seen the pretty funny and usefull wares RC Cluster are offering in Tableau? Yeah, you stumble about this stuff while on the way to look for some nice dress by [fd]. On Marketplace you’d surf to [fd] right away and would never even get a chance to find RC Cluster’s stuff.

Selfie taken in Nylon Outfitters’s photo booth

And the most important point is that if nobody shops inworld anymore, all the vendors will close their shops and sell on MP exclusively and the malls will close as well and the grid will shrink even more and SL will become a less and less attractive place to hang out and spend time in.

So peeps, if you’re planning to buy something, I don’t care what, a space rocket, a boat, a party frock, a dildo or a new hair or heels, please consider doing your purchase in world, where it all started and where you’ll use the stuff anyway. It’s fun shopping the good oldfashioned way.


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