Orca Fucked Up

Nooo, not like that:


And … hmmm, maybe it’s less that I fuked up but this thing here:


Yesyes, OrcNet is the culprit. I really tried my best to install Q4OS on it yesterday. And failed badly. But it’s not my fault, honestly not. Neither is it the USB stick’s fault, as that one  works like a charme and let me install the OS on MiniMe without a hitch. Yeah, it’s weird. Sometimes the refusal to accept installation of random Linuxes I guess it’s just Acer’s way of telling you how much they are up Microsoft’s ass. 😮


So I needed something new to test on  my netbook. Enter ExTix, a system I already tested a while ago and found kinda ok-ish but for some reason or the other didn’t decide on in the long run. So when I heard there’s a new version out now, I just had to download and install it … again.



I did really put some hope into ExTix 17.0 as it could be the system to convince me of KDE. Same as Q4OS it uses an older version KDE, 4.16 instead of Q4OS’s 3.x but at least it’s not that Plasma 5 shit and the live environment looked like it was made to be used by humans. Cool beans n all but unfortunately again OrcNet refused to reboot after installation. 😦

Just now tried Manjaro Netbook Edition, which woud be kinda the perfect solution for OrcNet, but same as the other Linuxes it installed like a dream but refused to boot up again. 😮 FukFukFuk!

So right now OrcNet has no working OS installed on it and Orca’s frantically searching for something cool to put on. I know there’s always Mint which can be installed on every hardware and is accepted by even the most elitist Microsoft computers. But where’s the fun in that, eh? So I’m still looking for the perfect travel OS. And the search goes on. Will keep you posted.


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