And Another One Bites …

… the dust before turning 70. And at xmas! 😦


I knew a band called Status Quo existed … and that’s it. But hubby seems to be heartbroken about the news of Parfitt’s demise. He just told me they were the first band he really loved as a teenager and inspired him to learn to play guitar. And yes, like his rolemodels hubby also is in search of the  4th chord since the late 70s. Well, without Parfitt I guess that’s it for Status Quo then. I mean, okay, they are a bunch of old geezers, prolly all multimillionaires so they can comfortably retire for all I care.

Still a shame. Why do they all have to die sooo fukn young?

R.I.P. RICK PARFITT ~ 12th October, 1948 – 24th December 2016


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