A Belated Xmas Prezzie?

Oh you stupid idiot, have you forgotten your loved one’s Xmas gift-giving was due last night already? Bad guy. 😮 So, quick hurry off and get her something nice. For example …



Of course, yes, there are much nicer micro desktop PCs to have nowadays, with much faster hardware, cooler designs and not as fingerprint prone as this plasticky Dell thing. But you know Dell as a hardware purveyor you can trust and this thing is very reasonably priced plus it comes with keyboard and mouse. Just add a screen or attach it to your TV … and voila.

Speaking about TV, I guess using the micro PC as a home entertainment center is the Inspiron i3050‘s intended main use, and it will serve that purpose well BUT come on now, let’s get real: As dedicated SL resis we find our entertainment  in world and in blogs, and most of us already got rid of our TVs, so screw all that home entertainment stuff and use the Dell for more usefullerer things. Like for example abuse it by testing many many Linux distros on it. I guess your typical Win10 is already preinstalled but we don’t want that, or do we? So we put Linux Mint 18.1 or LMDE on it and live happy everafter. 🙂

But no matter what you’ll use it for: This Dell Inspiron i3050 will be a groovy addition to everyone’s PC carpark.

There are surely better NUCs out there, much better, and honestly the basic NUC design is starting to bore me so this Dell ain’t on my personal xmas wishlist. But for the price of around 150 Americans or less, incl. wireless KB/Mouse combo, this one sounds like a mighty good deal.

Let’s see what YouTube thinks of the miniscule Dell:



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