Make Linux DOS Again! ;)

Or at least make it appearing so, with Q4OS. Whoa, this is a Linux distro like no other, it’s KDE but an older and mutated 3.5 version. And it’s like that for good reason: Light weight for older/weaker hardware, resulting in speedy execution. I don’t know if it’s done purposefully but starting with the installation process you get that distinct DOS 5.0 look and feel.

The fuck is this?

Once installed you get an older KDE desktop that looks suspiciously like Win XP or 7, which had their own charme and are fondly remembered as the bestest Windows versions ever. But let’s not get into the Windows nostalgia thing now since Q4OS ain’t Windows but a full fledged Linux OS.
Looks kinda familiar?

Maybe it’s rather time for some Linux nostalgia which is indeed the more appropriate thing here as KDE 3.5 was en vogue a while back, I guess long before I got on Linux like 5 years ago.  I guess again the Q4OS guys wanted to avoid all the usual too-much-ness of KDE4 and Plasma 5.xx, and bring it back down to earth. It’s still much better tweakable than all those new-fangled fashion Linuxes out there. It’s a real classic KDE desktop.
Mhm, smells like Win7 spirit!

Anyhoo, it’s almost 2017 now and we deal with the presence, and we check out our software according to nowadays requirements. For my test I installed Q4OS on OrcNet, my weakling netbook, in order to lend wings to that thing. And just because it’s so funny I installed it on MiniMe as well, so I’d have not 2 Arch Linuxes but 1 Arch and 1 Debian on my desktop. Makes things easier for me but that’s not your problem/concern.

As you can see I’m still in the klutches of setting everything up and making Q4OS’s so-called Trinity desktop my new home.

Call me inflexible and stubborn when in reality  I’m just too stupid for KDE. At least its more modern versions. Weirdly enough I didn’t have much trouble getting myself aquainted with Q4OS. Ok, taking and saving a simple screenshot took me forever, and even now that I know how it works I find the whole procedure a bit clunky and counterintuitive. Same with just opening any application. Still trying to figure out if Q4OS let’s me create starters in the task bar or if they want me to dive three layers deep into the menu system for forever.

Still not much further but at least trying to set up a new start menu.

Other things I find just great, the spunkiness and speed of Q4OS is really something. Even Orcnet runs like a modern MacBook or something. If no other, better, Linux comes along until May this is gonna be my travel system.

Installing of additional applications.

For all you Linux beginners I guess Q4OS is kinda the greatest invention since sliced bread, it’s kinda familiar but just different enough to be save outside uncanny valley. This is a real Linux, not some camouflage system. And it’s a great Linux. It just won’t throw too many sticks between your legs.

No fear, the Konqueror interwebz browser is pretty similar to Firefox, and Synapse is the same nifty program like in 3 million other Linuxes as well.

Nothing in Q4OS is any scary or dangerous. Even Orca, as a devoted KDE-hater, got used to it after a short while. The best thing I almost forgot to mention: You can be like totally lazy and get your own computer with Q4OS preinstalled on it! For sensationally cheap prices!!! Looksie hereabouts:

How about rockin’ Q4OS on the legendary Linux friendly Acer C270 Chromebook?
Just add screen, keyboard, mouse and Bob’s your uncle. 🙂



As Lenny said so on point: It’s not for everyone, not for the hardcore Linux fan, but it gives new users the familiarity and comforts of their Windows environment.

CONCLUSION: Already after the very short time Q4OS and me have spent together I can honestly give it a Tumbs Up! It’s not a nanny system like Linux Lite or Ubuntu MATE and demands some attention and self-responsibility from its users. But you won’t be overburdened by Q4OS as everything is easy and logical and quick to set up. Add to that the Windows-ish desktop layout, the no-nonsense aproach to computing and the speed of everything and we got a winner at our hand.

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