That’s Really Little

But is it good?

A real small SFF computer: The Azulle Byte Plus

You know Orca’s fetish for small form factor computers and you’ve seen countless of ’em mentioned in this bloggy already. Dunno why I’m so fascinated by those things. It’s maybe to find out where the edge is. The point where the manufacturer sacrifices usefulness and power for the SFF.

Nice connectivity

And in the case of the Azulle Byte Plus I gotta say, that the manufacturer has crossed that fine line. Just like with the Mint Box the Azulle is hardly usable for anything apart from office work, surfing the web and other mom n pop computing stuff.

Even the PSU is rather little

On the other hand, it needs to be said, if we’re completely honest here, that is what most of us do anyway, are we? Or are you editing long hi-res videos on a daily basis and think you’ll use a PC like the Azulle to play highly demanding games or Second Life?

Looks nice on any desktop

No, eh? Ok, so what you get for the humble price of 170 – 190 US$ is a rather nifty little office warrior to … wait a second … to test Linux distros on! Tadaa!!! Let the testers complain about only 32GB of internal storage all they want, those fancied Chromebooks offer even less. And honestly, for running a Linux with all bells and whistles and software up the kalamazoo and giving you a good every day usability experience, this is more than enough.

So if you happen to live stateside, these things are made in Florida (probably China) but the Azulle company resides thereabouts and their products are available via Amazon. Can’t be much more convenient/cheaper to get a nice nifty little test machine for yourself or a loved one (also yourself) now. Hey, xmas is just around the corner. =^.^= So how about spoiling yourself?

So, here’s a honest review on YouTube:



  1. I know im digging up an old thread here but i happened on do a bit of research on a little home project, i came across this little beauty. they likely have several models since this original posting. But i got to say I like!! i won’t be running Linux on it but fr what I’m planning to do, ( And its not a bomb being sent to a certain Village Idiot / address in France,) this is in the final running , along with two other items being evaluated.

    For once Orcs, you were way ahead of the curve by quite a lot!

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