Xmas Interlude

Heyyy fraggles!

“Does that mean no gifts this year?”

Yes, indeed, at least for Orca and her hubby, they’ve decided they already got quite enough prezzies this year, so they will refrain from even more. Hubby just got me not one but two very nice sets of earrings, he found in some chewing gum machine, for our 19th anniversary (19 fukn years, can you believe it?). Xmas eve we’ll spend as usual with lots of good movies and sushi, maybe doing a little outing with our sickly old car and be just our humble little selves.


And honestly, with weather like this, how are we supposed to develop any Xmassy feelings, eh? Took the photo just a few minutes ago, at 7 a.m., in the garden. Promises to become yet another wonderfully sunny summer day. Already is.

As a little prezzie from me to you here comes a little dump of funnies:





And last, but by no way least, something I’ve promised you already a couple weeks ago:

Anyhoo, I wish you all the best and a merry Xmas. xooxox


    • As you should know by now, Sammie, I’m always awake when not sleeping. Can’t take care of ungodly or godly hours. That’s not how I operate. ^.^


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