Hubby’s New Project


This thing is an old Luxor Electric Guitar, a made in Japan fake Fender Stratocaster. Hubby bought one of those 2nd hand in 1980 or so. It was already old then, probably built in 1975, but looked still very good when hubby bought it from his first apprentice paycheck. Or so he tells me. Anyway, since it was the early 80s and everybody was into New Wave back then, he couldn’t leave the guitar in its original hippie-esque Sunburst paintjob. It needed to be spraypainted in some metallic shimmer electric blue. Of course. I understand that, as we all do, right? 🙂


Unfortunately he lost his patience and after half a year or so, his mother threw all the mechanics and electric stuff in the bin. Hubby, by then, was into cars, and his fancy – but badly fucked up – guitar was forgotten. Still he kept it and everytime he moved, so did his guitar. Even  when he met me in 88 and we moved in together, his old guitar wreck was with us in some old box on the attic or in the cellar. And even when we moved to South Africa in 2002, the JapCaster went onto its second big ocean passage and again moved in with us as our most useless and worthless piece of possession. Dunno why hubby held on to this thing, nostalgia or the hope that some day, by some wonder, he would finish the custom job and make this dead piece of wood sound great again.

And lately I’m catching the old man watching many YouTube videos about guitars, and how to customize them. And earlier today he asked me if I could push him to the garage and go on a search for his old elecric guitar. Wasn’t half as bad since I remembered having seen the neck sticking out of some carton box. So after a short while we brought this shitty piece into our home:


Oh my, he really did a bang-up job back 30-odd years ago. 😮 Of course now he sent me to the hardware store (“you’re going shopping anyway, dontcha darling?”) to get some de-ruster and paintstripper and started taking the guitar apart, or what was still left of it:


Everything squeaky clean right now. Just needs some oil. See what’s missing? Yes, pickguard and pick-ups. Fortunately it’s locally available as a cheap all-in-one part and makes a cool x-mas prezzie for hubby. Probably not the best quality but then hubby ain’t Hendrix or Clapton either. So if he gets the guitar assembled and manages to get a tone out of it, this shitty thing is plenty good enuff for him and will keep him amused for a long long time. 🙂


Everybody happy! Sometimes it’s so easy.

Jimi Hendrix 68033-4a
Hubby is right-handed, that’s the difference between him and Jimi Hendrix. 🙂 LOL, as if.

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