Hello, I’m Back …

… but only on wifi. Cool, we don’t need to plunder our neighbors bandwith until it’s gone but are surfing on our own account again. BUT the LAN part of my connection doesn’t work. LAN, we remember, is the connection with wires and RJ45 plugs n stuffz, the stuff that always works and also is a lot faster and reliablerer than wifi. Looks like this …

Orca’s LAN: Yellow=MiniMax, Grey=MiniMe, Red=OrcNet, none of them connecting to the interwebz anymore. 😦

Oww, shit. Anyhoo, now I’m trying to switch the router at least onto Google’s DNS servers, the famous and but again I can’t even access the router anymore …

modemAny networking fraggles among the readership? Help me pleez! What is this shit? is my very own modem/router I own and use since like almost 10 years or so. And up to 15 minutes ago I could at least access it and set-up my particulars. But just like its newer counterparts it won’t even let me get into the firmware. And I always thought I was quite handy with computer stuff, at least for a girl I was but …


Any 8 y/o Asians around here? Something is seriously wrong with my line. I knew that since Thursday. Now the Telkom techies have left like “You are connected to the internet, our work here is done. Can’t help you with your LAN.” And we’re as stupid as the last couple days. Totally flabbergusted. 😮


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