Now that Luna’s back …

… let’s give it another try to convince her of the blahblah and bliblablubb and all the other cool attributes of Linux. I know she knows all the good stuff but was a bit overwhelmed by the technological problems that come with installing a new OS on your/her computer.


Luna, if you can hear me now, listen: There is no need to install Linux right away! Just download the following distro, Linux Mint 18.1 64-bit with MATE desktop, and burn it onto a DVD. Than  boot your computer up from the DVD drive and the Mint Live Environment will show up on your screen. It’ll be in bog standard configuration. In this state Linux will be running in RAM and from the DVD and it will be sloooow. But it’s functional enough to play with and try everything out. What you can’t do is saving anything. All your changes and modifications will be gone once you kick out the DVD and restart your compi.


What you should do next is install Mint on your machine. There is a Install icon directly on the desktop. No problem to keep your Windows install and dual boot Linux+Windows. During the installation you’ll be asked if you want to install Mint alongside your existing Windows; just say YES and Bob’s your uncle. From now on you’ll be given the choice at every boot-up to decide which system you wanna boot into. Theoretically you won’t even need to back up your data but I’d do it anyway … just to be on the safe side.


This is a solution used by most convertees at first, Orca went thru it as well … and tripped into the trap of lazyness. Windows was so familiar, all my fave software was there and I could play and be productive. It really took some advanced nagging technique by hubby to force convince me into finally using Linux more often … and after a while even exclusively.


Didn’t look back since that day. So at some time you need to be brave to take the final step, but that’s quite some time in the future. For now all you need to do is giving yourself the option, Luna!


… and don’t forget to take as many screenshots as possible. So we’ll have some illustrative material for the – inevitable – blogstory, right?


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