What You Urgently Needed

… although a bit late in the game (of thrones), was a Daenerys Targaryen action figure. Not?



And honestly, I will even forgive every male GoT fan for fapping to this almost too real Dany Mother of Dragons figure.



    • No idea, Luna, not the faintest. :/ Not a fan of Dany’s everyday and travel wardrobe anyway. For a queen – even of a barbaric people – she looks too tomboyish. Only liked her wedding outfit in which she married Khal Drogo. Apart from that I have to say Cersei is the best dressed bitch and my fave female character in that show anyway. In my humble opinion she’s the only one with the demeanour and dignity and resolve to truly sit on the Iron Throne.
      But what I can tell you exactly is where to find a really fancy Linux distro!!! 🙂


    • Yeah, GoT is almost the bestest soapie out there right now (of course far behind The Expanse) … but what got that to do with fashion? In that regard the bishies of Dorme and of course my brotherfucking wannabe queen Cersei are leading the pack. We all know and fondly remember her metal corset from the battle for Kings Landing. When she gave instructions about who’s supposed to kill whom in case the female quarters will be overrun by enemies. That was a royal outfit, well fitting for a dramatic suicide scene. Almost a shame the invaders were never coming that close, was looking forward to Cersei stabbing the Stark daughter and then herself.


  1. i forgot to say that i was sad about orca’s blatant sexism, in only saying men could like her well words to that effect hahahahhaha
    Happy Christmas x


    • … and now you gonna proofread your last commentary, decide to get rid of fukn unsmartphones and their stupid autocomplete function, get serious and use some real hardware when surfing the netz!

      But, yes, you’re right. I was a bit sexist when I assumed girls dunno how to fap. BUT then again that little stumpy Dany doesn’t do anything for me. I’d fap to Cersei if your force me to fap to any of them bishies of GoT. Or, even better, the halfling’s whore, that German-Turkish ex-porn actress. Too bad they wrote her out of the series. At least we get to see her sometimes in Tatort (Kiel).

      Merry x-mas n stuffz! xoxoxoxoxo


  2. I forgot to say that I was sad about orca’s blatant sexism, in only saying men could like her, well, words to that effect. hahahahhaha
    Happy Christmas x
    commas duly added.
    Perfect sentence now.

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