Better Than Thou


Ron Paul is an American politician, even from the totally wrong party … and he absolutely talks sense. 😮 How could that happen, how in the postfact age could anyone let him speak freely like that?

I mean, everybody in the world outside of the USA (oh yes, kids, there exists a whole planet full of wonderful and funny countries around the USA and on the opposite shores of the two big blue oceans) knows about America’s meddling and sticking their noses in business that’s not theirs. And mostly nobody’s happy about the current sítuation.


Yes, everybody knows. Everybody but the brainwashed, uneducated American voters. I bet they’d even believe this doggie’s pretty weak excuse, right?

Asking me I think Russians are a particularly strong variety of sausages and taste absolutely godly as cheesegrillers. =^.^=



  1. A bit of information you should be aware of Orca. While Ron Paul says he is a libertarian actually in reality once an American politician claims to be libertarian if you scratch the surface it is often a cover for their own bigotry. So watch out!

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    • Of course he’s a bigot, Willow, how else would he be so famous as a politician? Can he sing, act, dance, paint or do spectacular circus numbers? No, he’s just a politcian. You need to be quite a populist bigot to reach that state of fame. But he’s absolutely right about the witchhunt on Russia that’s going on right now.


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