New Premium Gift

And it fits the season … well, if you’re dwelling in the northern hemisphere and /or like ice and snow and shitty weather:


A fukn ice fishing shack must be the most useless prezzie ever. 😦

It comes with a lot of furniture and extras and shit and stuff. But that doesn’t make it a less terrible idea for a gift. Hut is even too small to spend a night in it, which makes it even more useless. Didn’t The Lab give us better, really usable stuff in the past? Like a functioning wind-powered sailboat and a real flying plane? That thing was fun, a lot of fun! And now, after half an eternity of no premium “gifts” they come up with a rather n00bish hut? Orca could’ve built that thing better. WTF is wrong with you, LL?



  1. Ha, NOBODY spends the night in an ice-fishing shack. They are built to shelter insane people who cut holes in lake ice so they can drop their lines into the water for a few hours. The huts can have portable white gas or kerosene heaters, and do block some of the wind, but the heating emissions obviously would be toxic in a confined space. And anglers must still wear multiple layers of thick winter clothing. Dressed as Orca is, an ice-fisher out in the open would be a frozen dude-on-a-stick within an hour! But of course no one ever freezes in Sansara ….

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    • Nobody ever freezes in Sansara? Methinks that’s an urban myth, as roundabout 1/3 of the continent suffers from permafrost. And I seem to remember an television show where Jim Jarmusch interviews Willem Dafoe and they spend the night in an icefishing shack.


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