Linux Mint 18.1 Released


Of course I gotta tell you this. Linux Mint isn’t the  #1 Linux distribution for no reason, it’s cool, functional and easy to install and operate. So, if you’re still on edge and not really decided, now is the time to finally take your first step into the wonderful world of X.

My old advisary TOS, just published a reasonably short and positive video about the new release. Looksee here:

Get your ISO file from here: and test it out without any  risk.

Yes, I’m looking particularly at you, Luna. 🙂



  1. Haven’t updated to 18.1 yet – gonna stick with 18 for a while. I’ve been dual-booting Linux Mint and Windows 8.1 on my desktop for quite a while, and am on the verge of making this machine Linux-only. I’m on Linux most of the time, anyway; when I need to use an application that I normally use in Windows, so far I’ve been able to find a Linux version of it.

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    • Oh that’s so kool! Please tell me – or even better, write a blogstory about it – what Windows applications you replaced with Linux software. How was the experience, did it hurt badly? But most important, why didn’t you upgrade to 18.1 yet? If I remember correctly we get pushed onto the new version automatically by just doing all the normal upgrades when they appear. Or not?


  2. Sorry so long in getting back to you. but you know how life goes sometimes. Mint comes with LibreOffice, which is pretty good to replace MS Office – they’re even compatible. I found a website, Easy Linux Tips Project (Sorry I don’t know how to make this a clickable link.) I use Chrome because I prefer it to Firefox. I’m still looking for a replacement for Irfanview (picture viewer and editor). Fortunately, for film clips, vlc is available for Linux. I haven’t upgraded that old laptop to 18.1 yet because I’m afraid it will make it even slower than it is. And I read that people were having all kinds of problems with it. Those may have just been initial bugs that have been worked out since. I’m thinking about dual booting my desktop again, and I’ll try 18.2 there (I’m using Windows 8.1 at the moment – I really don’t want 10).

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    • Hello again, Lulu, it’s cool to hear from you. Yes, Libre Office, respectively its predecessor Open Office is what I use for all my office needs since like … forever. Even back in Windows I was always on Open/LIbre Office. I heard there are some office softwares available that even close the 1% gap where Libre Office isn’t compatible with MS Office. Forgot the name now.
      And thx for the link to Easy Linux Tips Project. BTW, when I mouse over the adress as you put it up it become clickable so you must’ve done it right. 🙂 Will check the site tomorrow or so.
      Can’t say anything about Chrome, never used it and am very much a creature of habit. I don’t know if I could paste all my couple hundreds of Bookmarks and my favourite Add-Ons in Chrome, so I just stick with the old and trusted Firefuck.
      Picture viewers are a part of pretty much every Linux distro, don’t know if the functions are the same as in Irfanview. You know some distros (*buntu for example) have kinda shops where all the software is sorted in categories and you’ll find short descriptions and sometimes even user ratings. Particularly the Software Boutique of Ubuntu MATE is supposed to be very cool. Finding a good alternative for Irfanview should be a breeze in there.
      And yes, VLC is my fave video player too. There isn’t a video format that it can’t handle. It also plays your Audio Files but I never use it for that.
      Mint 18.1 causes problems? Hmm, I read a lot of positive reviews and YT videos. But anyway, LInux ain’t Windows so if you wanna sit a release out nobody will nag and force you to upgrade. But know that the support for point releases is finite. And anyway, if you always dilligently do your backups you’ll have nothing to fear if 18.1 breaks your system. LOL
      Congratz on still using 8.1, from what hear it’s damn near impossible to keep those old Win versions in this barrage by MS. You’re obviously a very resillient, stubborn, un-american, Linux loving technocommie. 🙂

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