I Can’t Eat As Much …

… as I want to hurl out when reading newnesses like these:



Actually threw up a little in my mouth whn I read this. Isn’t this exactly what is called revisionist history? Or let’s call it what it really is:



Or this very revealing “info” graphic by fascist Ukrainian televesion, which makes an even better example:


Nobody say solidarity is dead. As you can see international fascism is alive and kicking and doing very well, thanks to support by the West and NATO. Whoa, I so wish I’d be a nazi now. Getting hampered and pampered with gifts from my rich American uncle (at least he makes us believe he’s super rich and almighty) and all the sympathies of the so-called Western democracies and the very clever technocrats of the EU. The faked Maidan massacre really paid out for me and my croonies in the long run, didn’t it? Perfect.


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