It Never Gets Old

Linux Community Support is one of the advantages of Linux over Windows

Here we have one, yet another one, of the thousands of opinion pieces about Why Linux is Better than Windows. Yes, I know I know. There are thousands, I already mentioned that, didn’t I? And maybe the one or other of you, dear readers, is getting tired of this propaganda bombardement, particularly since you find these articles exclusively in Linux-centric websites and blogs, so it’s like they are preaching to the choir. And that is, excuse me, a very stupid thing, an almost autistic way to communicate your ideas and opinions to the world of the unwashed Windows masses.

Still I gotta say it, if you wanna hear it or not: All these articles are right. At least basically right. Many new convertees to Linux, as well as journos and bloggers who ran out of ideas, find it necessary to write about their Linux experience, their personal stories, why they find Linux so much better and a lot of other reasons. So there is a neverending stream of Linux missionaries … and Orca dilligently tries her best to multiply the good message and disperse it via her blog. Particularly now, at the end of the year, there seems to be a need for many people to sum up all their new experiences or take inventory of and reflect on their own and other people’s achievements.

So here goes the latest piece of Linux propaganda:


Ya, well, what am I supposed to tell you about it? The good Ankush is correct, all his points are as valid as he’s kinda scratchiung the surface and checks the most obvious points of Linux. It’s kinda redundant, no? Particularly when writing for the circle of initiated Linux users it really makes no sense and becomes superfluous. But wait. It’s always nice to read about stuff your already knew and enjoy every day, to have it confirmed to you by some expert, by an authority … even if said authority is just a blogging Linux fan typing his articles from a stinking backyard in Calcutta.

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