Found It … Hopefully

Hey, anyone remembers me looking for a nice distraction free writing software for Luna (yes, and me too)? A simple texter that won’t need all the resources of a full-blown office giant with all the bells and whistles and lotsa useless shit on top? Just the right tool to produce deserts and oceans of text, with just the right amount of the most needed tools but nothing that keeps you from being productive with its overblown functionality?

Yes, we all remember those joyful days, back when Orca stil had hope Luna might join the Linux movement. Haven’t heard anything from Luna in either way since then. :/

But nevertheless I bumbled into a new writing module, one I will probably test for myself as well.


Qt-based, yay. Can’t be better. So let’s try it out, shall I?

The horrorful Linux Terminal for me is the best and fastest way of installing new software on my ‘puter. If you’re on Arch Linux you’ll find Ghostwriter in the AUR.

Two minutes later, let’s open Ghostwriter for the first time …



Luna? Say something. Come on girl … Anybody else? Name of the program is Ghostwriter and it’s perfect; offers you just the right amount of needed and useful tools but no stupid distractions. Life as a hacker author couldn’t be nicer.


    • Got me there, Luna. Welcome back btw. The squiggly lines are in all probability the inbuilt grammar nazi, which is obviously a necessity for 99.999% of all computer users. As if none of us went through years and years of school and got our respective grammar taught as the first thing ever. With my system language being set to German of course most of my English words are marked with red squiggly lines. Dunno why it’s in this editor. Maybe it’s automatically activated by the OS? And me being too lazy to find out or doing something against it. Actually I had to look if the lines are really there when I read your comment, as I’m kinda blind and immune to that shit by now.

      You poor thing still on Windows? Heyyy, Ghostwriter is available for Win as well. It’s foss, so give it a try and see for yourself.


  1. Nothing’s wrong with your grammar, so maybe the underscores that normally indicate errors instead are just your program freaking out because you’re using a German keyboard to write in English. 😀 I’ll download Ghostwriter to test my theory.

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    • Yes, I know my grammar is perfect or sumsuch, as I proofread and double check every single word … and then recheck the published articles again and again. BUUUT of course my English texts are terrible grammar hellholes for my German spellchecker. That’s what I tried to say in the post.
      Oh hey, instead of downloading the stupid editor download and install a nice nifty Linux and from there install Ghostwriter with a single mouseclick. Pleeze, get away from Windows, it’s not healthy!


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