Oh Telkom What Have You Done?

Good sign, fukn Telkom sent my one of their slaveboys …


… who, much to my disappointment, wasn’t up for massaging my neck but went on his knees nevertheless. Cool. He did even dive deep into the most dirty, dusty corner below my desk (the corner our domestic avoids to clean)  and changed out a telephone plug. And despite his rather incompetent fiddling and stupidly repeating the same questions over and over again … whoa, ADSL line worked perfectly. I could open this blog and even conduct a satisfactory speedtest. Of course he told me I need a new modem … yesyes, I know that myself … and blablablah.

The wurst telco on the planet!

So I said thankyou and byebye and we parted on friendly terms, which doesn’t happen often with those clueless wannabe techies. The other day, I swear, I saw a neighbor chasing a techie off his property screaming and shouting abuse at the poor guy. And, well, Afrikaans is quite a colourful language, much more fun than English, that’s why all the Saffas are switching to Afrikaans when they feel the need to make something very clear.

Anyway, as soon as my guy was gone I opened a new tab in my blog to post about the success … but nothing. No connectivity anymore. 😮 That was the shortest time span for a successful repair ever!

Just called my ISP and told them they must escalate my case again and they better hurry. Hurry why? you might ask. Hurry because in about two hours I’m supposed to leave the house in order to watch this cinematographic masterpiece …

ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story



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