Orca Still Alive

But just so. 🙂

Here’s what happened: Internet crapped out, reasons still unknown. We tried connecting with all 4 computers and 3 routers … to no avail. Meanwhile contacted the ISP, who redesigned my port . Didn’t help neither.

Image result

So they escalated our case to Telkom, the ADSL line provider. And they are omg, so slooooooow and have no idea how internet works. Imagine a bunch of chimpanzees plugging lots of cables into lots of servers for the next couple days until … yes, until they will finally send out a techie to our house who will find our lines are too rusty for repair … or something.

Image result for adsl exchange

So, this is just a brief heads up for y’all. Orca may be forgotten but she’s not gone … not yet. 🙂 Cya in a couple hours/days/weeks/months…


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