Day Before Yesterday

No interwebz for Orcsi. 😦

Internet was off already for the second day, so clever me tought I shall make use of the free wifi in our local shopping mall …

The worst health breakfast in the mall’s worst café.

… but OMG, fuk me sideways, you gotta send your name and cellphone number to them, in order ro receive a code which will give you like 30 minutes free wifi. 😦 Fuckers how dare they to assume everybody’s got one of those stupid useless things?

Anyhoo, today I managed to hack into our neighbour’s wifi – with her express permission of course – so I can give you this update. And, yes, I just deleted a couple hundred emails from my three email acccounts. Isn’t it astonishing how fast they build up if you don’t weed them out on a daily base? So now I shall leave the internet again and re-adjust to the stone age lifestyle and watch old movies and series from local storage. Haha, see why I prefer to have all my shit on local hard drives instead of the cloud? 🙂



    • Pssshht, tell you what: I got an android phone but am too stupid to use that thing. Obviously my fingers aren’t sensitive enough for the touchscreen thingie. But anyway, I might be stupid but I ain’t so stupid to give out my cellphone number to some anonymous ISP thingie. Those 30 minutes of free internet might end in a lifelong hassle with unsolicited calls and other shits.


  1. why does south africa import butter from Noodles??? and what’s the white gunk in the cup …. the rest looks perfect to me a typical sammie weekend breakfast cum brunch x

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    • Global economy. Never heard of it, Sam? LOL, aren’t we living in quite interesting times? And the white gunk is just spunk. You mentioned it yourself: Cum brunch. =^.^= I guess I’ve seen the waiter produce and distribute it fresh from his trousers. Naw, it’s in fact cottage cheese. Goes perfect with the salmon.


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