Dear Santa


Geez, is it already the time of year again? Obviously it is, as I just learned from Tipsy Cerulean’s blog. But what if I haven’t spent a single thought on xmas prezzies yet? Neither for others nor for myself? Hmmmm … think Orca, think! Be fukn creative!


Hmm, I guess for you, my dear readers I shall maybe make a special xmas post with some photos of cookies and gingerbread houses … and maybe even throw a photo of a xmas tree in the mix. Oh, and of course a video of the legendary duet of Messrs. Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Would that make you happy?


Now for myself … ugh. 😮 Weird. Usually I’m full of wishes and could empty the shopping mall every time I’m there. But making a wishlist for Mr. Claus is hard. Eventhough I was extra special good this year I don’t really dare making wishes for  myself.

originalpngGuess I need a new laptop. No, honest. Yes, I know I’ve got quite enough computers already but since OrcNet, my little Acer netbook, is a kinda shitshow, and hubby puts new KDE Linux distros on it all the time, I’m not very happy and would like to get something better, and much more expensive. 😉 I guess neither Santa nor hubby would have much tolerance regarding my wish. Hubby even refuses to think about a new lappy for himself, although he’d really need one. So there goes another gift idea I entertained briefly. 😦



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