• Only you can answer that question with some degree of certainty, hun.

      But it was you who stated “i never saw episode one in fact i never even heard of it” even though I’ve already blogged a dozen times about it. So you must have heard about Rogue One. But of course you haven’t seen it yet. Nobody has! It premiers on the 16th in USA and 15th already here in fair and sunny SAffa. And I have my ticket booked already.

      BTW, was browsing the bookshop today and found out Rogue One is a whole series of novels, a total new family in the Star Wars saga. But before I read any of it, first I gotta see the movie and find out what it’s all about.


  1. Honestly, when the “prequels” started coming, my kids and I started snoring. I hope the decision to go to the canonical post-“A New Hope” world means Lucasfilm/Disney’s paying attention to the paying customers. Unlike an MMORPG firm we both know and sort of like.

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    • Yes, right, the prequels were boring and silly and childish. At least the first two of ’em. The third one was kinda ok-ish. And if we’re absolutely honest, looking at the 1977 movie with today’s eyes … hell, what were we thinking? How could that shit ever become such a cult? And George Lucas is a bad director, confirmed.
      Anyhoo, can hardly wait for Rogue One. Oh, any SW geek able to tell me why we poor bushniggers in 3rd world Afrika get to see it a day before you lot?

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      • I saw Star Wars back when it was first made, and it wasn’t dystopian – unlike just about everything else made that year. Which accounts for its popularity and cult following. It wasn’t Robert deNiro in Taxi Driver</i? shaving his head and offing people to protect Jodie Foster, and it wasn't Ryan O'Neal indulging Barbra Streisand in that nauseating crapfest The Way We Were</i? and it wasn't any of a bunch of movies telling us what we already knew – Vietnam was truly bad shit.


    • You gotta learn to focus better, young padawan. No matter what you do, always be in it 100%. Sometimes it’s fun to be serious. =^.^=


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