Sammie is Right!

You can indeed do crazy shit with your Mac … if you really want to. Look at this rice:


Yeah, looks like all those crazy Linux window managers. And it shows that the Linux kernel and MacOS’s FreeBSD base are both very similar, evolving from the good old Unix. Only downside for MacOS is that Apple have turned the usually free FreeBSD (hence the name, D’oh) into a walled garden of proprietary and expensive shit that needs particular hardware configurations, so called Hackintoshs, to run.

Apart from that I must congratulate the bold ricer for having turned his pretty Mac desktop into a Linuxy mess. 🙂


  1. what???? each and every mac os has been free gratis frei nadda just FREE come on orcs you can belittle apple with facts not fiction. Buck up


    • Tee hee, indeed. 🙂
      Although … hmm, it’s not a too bad little computer isn’t it? Still adorably built but sadly lacking in connectivity, no touchscreen, the new worserer keyboard and the preeeeemium price. 😦


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