7 Reasons?



“Because why not?” and “It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling” seem to be his main  reasons, he just repeats them with different wording. Ok, not complaining, not really, because we all have a little warm spot in our hearts for one or the other of the roundabout 385,433 Debian forks – Ubuntu and Mint among them – and there’s really nothing wrong with it.

But why the fuque does this brain artist have to write a whole article about his fetish? Hey Shirish (if that’s even your real name), you know there’s a not-so new anymore sheriff in town. And his name is Arch! Now that’s one sexy Linux and gives us more than enough reasons to really fall in love with.

Anyhoo, glad you’re at least one of the very few Linuxers who have made up their mind and found a new home. You could have made a much worse choice. Congratz. =^.^=

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