Thus Ends a Legend


So, there it goes down, one of the few hopefulls to make Arch Linux a tiny bit friendlier to use for n00bs. No, not even to use, but make the installation at least kinda possible. Orca tried the Architect Arch Linux Installer herself … but was cured from that experiment quite quickly. Yes, I’m happy on Manjaro now and will probably install SwagArch on  the netboook for travel purposes. Because SwagArch does the same as Architect did but does so much more convenient for us stupid users. Simply by using Manjaro’s installer, Calamares. And with Swag you’ll even end up with a fully installed Xfce desktop that you can use right away. It is a full – although  very sparsely populated – distro.


So, unfortunately Architect became redundant and the developer stopped it. This is all I know about the end of Architect, couldn’t find any news resources about it.


Sooo,  byebye Architect. You will be missed. Not by Orca tho, hehe. =^.^= And what the quiet end of Architect teaches us – again – is that it’s not a good idea to trust into too small developments and one-person-enterprises. As particulary free and open source software developments show us over and over and over again.

I make an exception with SwagArch, as I did with Architect, as they are both more or less just installers that leave you with a basic vanilla Arch distro. What you do from there on out depends solely on you. But if you want/need more, a full operation system, chockful with additional software right out of the box, a system that will be developed and maintenanced and updated, better go with the biggies. Mint, Debian forks, all sorts of *buntus … all that stuff. It’s better in the long run, better for your mental health. 😉

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