And Yet Another


… small-ish manufacturer of Linux hardware is the Germany based company Nanum. After Cirrus7 this is another German company to produce passively cooled, small, silent hardware. And when we have a looksie at their machines we notice, woah, they are truly homegrown in-house produced items. Like Cirrus7 they are a huge step more advanced than System76, who buy their cases from 3rd party producers on the world market. It’s only in the marketing department where the Germans have to learn a thing or two from their American counterpart.



And the Nanums are rather sexy too in their 3.5 mm strong aluminium cases. People, this is quality engineering Made in Germany and all that stuff. Let me try to find out how you get  a hold of any of their products in countries that are not Germany … weird thought, yes, I know. But still, let’s see how the availability is internationally.



Uh, yes, mhmmm, doesn’t seem as if they are in any particular hurry to sell anything. Well, maybe if we send them emails and beg nicely they could maybe find it in their hearts to send us some hardware.


But the website is so sparse with actually useful info, apart from all the technical babble, I wouldn’t even know a place from where I could obtain a Nanum computer. :/


But sexy they are, right? So fluffy and yummy and lekker, almost reminding me on Lian-Li cases.


Ubuntu, Debian or Mint are preinstalled on all Nanum machines. The one tester wrote something about an order formular. I couldn’t find it on the website tho. 😦 From what I saw in the review the prices don’t seem to be super high, so one of these fine machines is cheaper to purchase than the next Mac. 🙂


Ha! Finally found someone to sell the Nanum shit: Another German enterprise, Solo Entertainment, has it all on their mailorder site. Prices, as already mentioned, looking very good for limited numbers handcrafted and assembled computers.

Please do me one favour: If you actually happen to purchase a Nanum, a Cirrus7, System76, Entroware, Compulab, Logic Supply, or Libre Trend or any other exotic manufacturer’s fine machinery please leave a couple lines for the Orcablog readers. Like how satisfied were you with the service, the delivery and the computer. And as always: Photo or it didn’t happen! 🙂

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