• Naaaw, with my method of putting starters in the lower task bar I try to avoid Apple’s clunkyness. And it’s not floating … not at all. If you want something like the Mac experience look here: https://orcaflotta.blog/2016/12/01/arch-linux-for-dummies/
      SwagArch uses the “docky”, as we call these stupid things in Linux. I mean you can add a docky to each and every Linux desktop and many fraggles do so. It’s only the rather sober and utilitarian Orca who finds ways to get away without all that resource hungry eye candy shit.


    • It’s exactly like I want it.
      Of course I can arrange and push the icons wherever I want in the taskbar. And I do so when I set up a newly installed system with eligible desktop environment, like MATE e.g.. But it still is a taskbar, like we have them in Windows, and there’s no reason why such a thing should go floatin’ baby. 😉
      The docky on the other hand I can arrange in any kinda way. It’s freefloating on the screen I guess. Can’t say exactly since I never use that shite and never even play with it.


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