Camping on Corsica: Interruption


Hmmm, today my little sister Phree seems to be in a gloomy mood. Spoiled little brat refuses to walk (fly) back with me to the last rez area to get the van up and running. When I arrive back at our campsite from last night I find her sleeping. But a nice long *h00t!* gets her up in no time and she swings her spoiled little ass on the co-pilot’s seat. Ready? Let’s go.


Driving is a pain today. Sims are slow and border crossing are kinda dangerous. Why do those fukn moles always have to put some steep uphills section of the road directly at the borders? Always when coming back from the “time-out” we find our van sliding back down the incline, crossing the sim border again. 😦


But finally we reach the very weird bridge we already know from older “Ridin'” stories of Orca’s solo tours she did on motorcycle.


But even on straights the driving isn’t really smooth. Our camper slids and slides out of control and crashes into storefronts and private gardens. Hey, property owners, I’m sorry for causing any harm or damage. Please send repair bills to LL.


Okok, I forgot we’re in the middle of a gridwide sim-restart action right now. And of course it’s always the sims ahead of us that go down, not the ones we ‘ve already left behind. Thanks very much, Lindens. Can you please be a bit more co-operative and coordinated the next time?


Mood in the cabin is on a low point right now. Dunno why, but Phree is showing signs of passive aggressiveness, avoids looking at me and I see the little veins in her neck pulsing. Her eyes are those of a dead girl and her mouth is pointing down. What can I do? Hey, I’m sitting in the same car as you, sister! I’m the one driving it and showing some reponsibility. It’s not my fault the Linden Gods are conspiring against us!

And with these thoughts I’m leaving the camping trip for today …



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