That’s MATE As Well

robRob, of the Linux Quest YT channel made a somehow belated video about Manjaro MATE 16.10.2. Well, better late than never, right? I like his vid particularly for the somehow fresh and ignorant look at MATE. Rob’s a KDE man, so of course he has problems accepting any other desktop environment, but at least he’s trying to stay fair. LOL.

mateWhy I’m linking to this vid in particular was because I wanted to show you how different Rob’s desktop looks from, let’s say Orca’s. He also seems to have gotten rid of one panel but didn’t use the remaining one to place starters in it but he uses a Docky, the Mac style software starter. If you know how Orca despises all that showy shit, you know this isn’t for her. But you can see what is possible with Linux and the MATE desktop environment.

budgieIn fact, and I can’t stress this enough, despite its old old roots and looooooong heritage is MATE one of the most flexibe and tweakable desktops in the Linux world. Maybe it is because of its old Gnome2 heritage that it’s so tweakable right outta the box. You see, modern systems won’t allow you the freedom anymore. Everything must look the same nowadays, every decision you have to take is too complicated and stressful for you. If you are a millenial or younger you want everything streamlined and with touch technology like your fukn smartphone. And then you end up with shitty unfunctional desktops like Gnome 3.19, Budgie, and similar stuff.gnome3

androidSorry, I tried all that stuff, even wrote about some of it in this here bloggy but I’m over that shit. I won’t review any of those poor “modern” distros and I can’t and won’t recommend them. If you want your Linux to look like Android than use Android. In Thar She Blows we care about the good old desktop and Linux on desktops. Because that’s what we use when we log into SL. Right?

You may think my frustration tolerance level is pretty low, and you might be right by assuming so. But for the 1000th time now: In Linux we’re spoiled brats because Linux raised us to be spoiled brats. So we don’t need to show any tolerance towards stuff we don’t like. Better solutions are just around  the corner and ready, just waiting for your awesomeness.


    • Old news, Sammie, old news. After Ubuntu’s own smartphone failed badly already at the crowdfunding hurdle (and that one looked so yummy, shame) I thought Shuttleworth and his people had enough of hardware adventures. But lately they are at least trying a tablet. But that’s of no use for me, I need a keyboard and a mouse. My mother raised me with not many rules, seh never cared about how ong I was out at night or shit but one iron rule she had … no two: Don’t walk like a sailor, keep your posture straight was one. And the second rule was Never Touch Glass Surfaces with your smeary fatty fingers!!! So my OCD is triggered everytime I see anyone using touchscreens n shit. You’ll never even see me opening glass doors with my hands. When there’s no handle I always pass them backwards, pushing with my back.

      And, tell me please: What are tablets and smart phones good for again?


  1. fab for internet email what’s app all sorts of things whilst both at home or on the move ohh the last one also makes phone calls bit like my old old nokia 4183 did all those years ago

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    • You know what’s even fabber for internet? My desk- and laptops. I don’t need ultramobile because mostly when I’m on the road I’m driving and I don’t use ayn phone or other things while driving. And phonecalls? I hardly remeber when I made a call or someone called me. Smartphones and tablets are useless crap for me and just cost money I better spend for better stuff.


    • I still remember when being a hermit was considered cool. And it’s not a flintstoney as you might think, hun. I’m happily married, I’m writing a blog, got like 4 email addies and 5 SL accounts. So I’m at the height of my social networking game. Just not when I’m out. When driving I drive and don’t do anything else. When I’m shopping I shop and nothing else. Spending enough time in front of my computer setup, don’t need to schlepp all that stuff around with me.


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