Orca’s Dark Side

Oooooh, spooky, punky, ghostly, gothic, grungy … in one word: DARK!


Well, no, not really. But lately I grew a bit tired of my usual light and blue – kinda Windows-ish – desktop theme and went with a darker one. I hear white fonts on dark background are better for our eyes anyway. So why not giving it a chance, eh? At least for some days.

This creature of habit is still a bit confused sometimes and not really sure where I have to click but all in all in all I rather like my new dark styling. And this ain’t even what the youngsters call “ricing” but just one of the couple desktop themes that come ready-made with each and every Manjaro installation.


In case you must know, I’m on Arc-Maia-Dark right now. 😉 Can you do that in Windows/Mac?



    • Naaaw, I won’t yell at you. In fact you won’t even see me coming before my blade cuts deep into your heart. :)))
      Harr harrr harrrrrrr …


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