Not Great But Maybe a Nice Linux Tester?


Hey, I never promised you a rosegarden, did I? This is obviously a shitty little device but it comes without Windows, which is great since you won’t pay for the useless license. And the Pinebook won’t get up the barricades when you try to install a Linux on it. Rumour has it there will even be Ubuntu pre-installed on it. So this is the perfect throwaway machine for your first babysteps in the wonderful sparkly world of Linux.

No need to install a Virual Machine first, no danger of accidentally destroying your good computer with some borked attempts to install Linux. This is the perfect stunt machine, and in case it won’t survice you can kick it to the curb without a single regret.

In case you wonder if a 11.6″ display is big enough, yes it is. It’s exactly the size of my Acer netbook/laptop hybrid … and its screensize is the least of my worries.

Grab your Pinebook for only 89 Ameribucks!



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