Camping on Corsica *FINISHED VERSION*

Hey peepels, this is Phree Radikal, Orca’s youngest and radically free altsister. Orca’s asked me to write about our latest camping trip because … uh, reasons, I suppose. Let’s face it, that bishie is just too lazy to do anything herself but prefers to have a beehive of eager bloggers surrounding her who will fill the pages of her litte blogthingie. And since her attempts to invite me as a staff member failed badly (WordPress obviously doesn’t appreciate attempts to invite “yourself” as a co-blogger, weird, eh?), I hijacked her account. No problem, I’m sitting at her computer as well. 🙂 And, hey, me got my own email addy as well, so if you wanna drop me a line or two, please send it to

Anyway, on with the reporting shit …

“Let’s go up and ask ZZ for some beer, shall we? We need something to drink on the road.” Sometimes I think my oldest sister might not be as brilliant as she thinks she is.

We met just down the road from the old OrGarage in front of ZZ and  Saphy’s “house” on the T-junction of two major roads on Corsica’s biggest landmass. Hey, hi, hello, nice to see you and shit and stuff. Then my oldest sister made our nice VW camper materialize from the thin air. It’s always a wonder how this gifted girl makes stuff happen and make it look so easy.

“NO, ORCA! We won’t ask the pilots for beer neither! Jeez …”

Anyway, since I already scouted the route, including a campsite to rest our weary heads for the night, already days ago*, a direction was quickly decided upon: down south! And off we went. Firt part of the route didn’t look too nice since some aholes obviously found it appropriate to destroy nice beachy land and a view across the ocean by putting up a stupid airport.

“Cool, let’s go for a swim.” “… and watch the van getting stolen by Autoreturn, or what?” Orca’s impulsiveness is really childish sometimes.

But our trip quickly became more beautiful. Say what you want about Corsica, it’s one of the best looking, landscaped and terraformed continents in SL. Nothing of Sansara’s often fugly quirkyness here. Seems the inhabitants of Corsica prefer to live nice over living in chaos.

“Hey, is this the place you found? Can we camp here?” “Don’t be daft, Orca. We only just started!” Hard to believe that girl is oldest of our litter.

Of course you could say all those manicured hedges are silly – which they are indeed – but at least it gives you a sense of place, of organisational structures, of not being alone but part of something bigger. And I know most SL resis are much too antisocial to appreciate such thoughts, so on with the show.

While we steam uphills in slowslow pedestrian speed and Orca makes chugging noises, I can hardly hide my disbelieve.

Orca drives slowly, very sloooowly, still stuff renders even slower. We need to stop every 50 to 100 meters in order to give Corsica a chance to rez around us. And today was even a remarkably good day. Hm, maybe she could drive better hadn’t she not two computers with two avies inworld at the same time? But whatever, we don’t need to see everything in best quality anyways. The slight blurriness gives a false impression of speed . 🙂


Finally Orca agrees to shift up to 2nd gear, and the trip becomes much much smoother … until the road goes downhill again and 2nd gear is too fast. Definately much too fast!!!

“Help! I’m blind, OMGOMfG…” I wish my big sister would finally learn how bandwith and computer graphics work. It’s no rocket science, you know. Again I’m flabbergusted how Orca of all ppl had become a Linux girl.

This is what happens if you drive too fast: The road just ends … not really but it won’t render in time for your viewer.

First reasonable action by Orca today: On the noisy cobblestones she turns the volume of Led Zeppelin up to 11.

The non-rezzing road eventually turned into wonderpretty cobblestones, which let you drive as smooth as the most fancy asphalt road. Behold the wonders of our pixel world.

“Are we there yet? Are we, are we?” “Yes, bitch, we’ve reached today’s destination”

To our right side appeared the camp site I scouted last week. A nice big blob of abandoned land directly at the southern shores of Corsica’s coastline. We could even drive down to our makeshift camping site by the beach without any trickery like flying and shit.

“In RL moles aren’t good for your garden and you kill them. In SL they make the most fancy gardens imaginable. It’s a fukn wonder …” I bite my tongue and don’t tell Orca that the SL moles aren’t really moles but humans. But I fear that concept might be above her stupid head.

Because … well, there’s a little gate with lovely sculpted elephants. 😉 Dunno what it is with Corses and their hedges. Particularly since I couldn’t see anything like it in RL Corsica.

Sleeps like a baby and lets her sister do all the work. Typical Orca Flotta. 😦

We hadn’t hardly stopped the engine when my grumpy big sister immediately rolled into the bed and closed her eyes. Today’s trip wasn’t too long, was it? Well, I know she got some probems in RL, with her silly old car and stuff so I understand her desire to rest. But why is she asking me to check the engine of our Volksiebus? That thing runs like a dream!

Wait, this doesn’t even look like a VW aircooled boxer engine. WTF?

WTF? What am I gonna do with it? Me’s just a poor stupid SL alt with no clue about nothing. You can call me Jon Snow. Fuk that shit, me’s not gonna make my hands dirty on a perfectly fine motor.


Know what? I’m tired too. Roadtripping with Orca can be quite tiresome. So nightynight. xoxoxox



* Sometimes we all gotta wonder, does that bitch do anything at all? Would the readers even notice if Orca was gone?



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