Microsoft Has to Stop This!

15 years Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft, Jerry a.k.a. Barnacules went angry at his ex-employer. For good reasons. For very good reasons. Not because they fired him but because of … ugh, watch it yourself, look if your system is inflicted as well and then … REACT. This is a call to action:

I trust Jerry, he knows what he’s talking about.

Hmm, guess I don’t need to mention the best and most thorough alternative, right? But contrary to Microsoft I won’t forcefeed my alternative down your throat but let you decide for yourself. That’s how nice I am. 🙂

But however you decide, even if you gonna stick with Winblows, do something. Protest! Let Microfuck know you’re dissatisfied with their product and demand they give you back the full control over YOUR COMPUTER!!! It is yours, right? Not your boyfriend’s, not Microsoft’s but yours! Don’t allow them to rape you. Not one minute longer.



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