Happy Thxgiving!

As a stranger – most of the time even to myself – I never knew what the deal with Thanksgiving is. Only know it’s kinda big thing in America. And I guess it’s happening kinda now, right? Everybody stuffing their face with lots of fatty foody stuff and being merry n shit and jolly as fuck.

So I wish all my statesside friends a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your festive meal was a bit richer than this:


But – and I can’t stress this point enough – don’t overeat!!! Else you’ll get stuck …




    • Talking about our wonderful little home, maybe we need a kinda new plan. After the wonderfully gifted Orca – in an attempt to make the parcel nicer – mucked up the terraforming in a big way and destroyed Lucy’s cave, Lucy is now the only one working on our beautiful land. But hey, let’s see, how many owners are we exactly? I lost the overview long ago and guess most of the collective members are just alts. But who really lives there. Lucy, you, me … anybody else? Would be nice to know how many prims exactly everyone of us has to erect their dream home/office/club/whatever. I know I have a 512 put in, you and Lucy at least that much, Trap as well, but she won’t live there.


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