A Good Linux?

Good? This Linux is  “So cool ice cubes are jealous”. LOL, no it isn’t. PCLinuxOS is fabled and praised far beyond its true capabilities. From installation to its very appearence and operation the whole desktop looks kinda primitive and awkwardly put together.

During installation: “The 80’s called. They want their cheese back.”

PCLinuxOS is based on Debian and uses the MATE desktop environment, which are the only positive facts about it. This is probably the worst implementation of MATE ever. The whole thing seems rather anaemic and system settings are pretty limited and leave you with a fugly desktop.

PCLinuxOS freshly installed. Fugly.

After at least 10 minutes of desperately trying to make the whole system look a bit more userfriendly, I ended up with this:

You get a small bunch of  MATE wallpapers and desktop themes, but no in depth customization tools. Look at those giant icons … brrrr. 😮

Anyhoo, this is what we got. These are the circumstances we gotta operate under. I guess … hope SL will be ok. Apps and softwares are usually not influenced by your OS, so as next task we will bring Orca’s little sister in world.


Oy vey. See this? 0.4 fps, which went down to 0.1 by now. Can’t even make a real snapshot from inworld SL. Don’t wanna talk bad about  PClinuxOS but we’ve seen much better performance in other Linuxes. Phree is standing there since 10 minutes and I wasn’t even able to move her one single meter. Dunno about you, but as I said earlier, we’re spoiled with choices so I’m not even sad to toss PClinuxOS in the garbage bin. Baibai …



  1. Just what does a desktop environment mean OK i’m not stupid I am an 3nglish teacher so i know the words perfectly BUT WTF is it in linux ???
    i mean exactly cause i change my desktop environment in Mac OS maybe once a week at least
    BTW typos in no way effect or affect my language skills so there pppofffttttttttt

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    • Good question really, Sam. I guess by calling it a Desktop Environment, those darn Linux devs are just bragging about that their creations are so much besterer than what Win and Mac have on offer. Ok, a desktop environment for me is the layout and looks of the visible desktop, the modus in which you can operate and change it. And it’s different from so called Windows Managers, which are just more or less nifty ways to group and arrange your open windows on the screen and workspaces.
      Since I’m such a creature of habit, such an unadventurous coward … and fukin lazy (!) I don’t haved a need for all those new fangled desktops that make your computer screen kinda look like that of a smartphone. I have no clue what I would need a touch screen for and am very happy with just my mouse and keyboard, thankyouverymuch. For me and my humble needs I found the perfect DE in MATE. This fork of the old Gnome2 DE gives me all I need and lets me do whatever I need to have the functionality and looks I want. I know it’s right now kinda hot in many Linux distros and even slowly working its way up in Manjaro. Of course it’s oldfashioned and most youngsters don’t like it.
      Sammie, that’s why I propagate a time of distro hopping for everybody new to Linux. See what is there in terms of different desktops and how they are implemented in the respective distros. Mint always does a nice job, they came up with their own menu for MATE and even made a totally fresh desktop all of their own: Cinnamon. This Cinnamon DE is now available as a Manjaro community spin as well … because someone obviously thought it would be a bright idea to combine these two. It’s up to us to try it all out and dismiss the crappola but keep the sparkling stuff.

      But whatever sparkles for you, hun, only you can say. You’ve gotta experience it yourself before making your final decision one day in the far far far away future. LOL


      • “i change my desktop environment in Mac OS maybe once a week at least”

        Huh? How? On what planet is MacOS so flexible it allows you any alterations or even – god beware – the way you operate it?

        I never do anything of that sort anyway. Once a week??? After installation I set up everything for my personal taste and workflow and then I leave it the hell alone.


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