The Twins

Just born like 2 minutes ago, still a bit wet behind the ears and jerky in the knees, not really fully integrated but here they are …


Almost  100% identical twin brothers. Not on development versions anymore but both on final Manjaro MATE 16.10.2 release. Fully GTK3, no compromises, hopefully no incompabilities, no failing updates anymore. After the very successful test on MiniMe (little one on the right) and the developers making the final version available I just had to upgrade MiniMax (big one to the left) as well. And while I was on it I installed the “real” version on little one as well. Just for giggles.

Hmmm, you see the same as me? Big Acer screen seems to be a lot warmer than the small one. I guess the colder colours of the Proline screen are more correct but I kinda like the warm tones of the Acer screen better. Photo is totally wrong anyways, as both wallpapers are supposed to be anthracit grey, not greenish or blue.

Tux, GNU, MATE, Community – how the wallpaper’s supposed to look.

Anyway, I guess and hope this will finally be it. MATE drama was going on for quite a while in the Manjaro community but I think they sorted it out by now.



  1. ORCS are your u crazy??? You hope that will finally be it????
    NOT a chance in hell bet you have some new district within a fortnight hahahaha


    • A new district, Sammie? You know I’m not in the mafia or police or politics business, so I’m not even trying to collect any districts.
      But anyway, this is just a fresh release of exactly my favourite distro, which I run since like 2011. At least on my main PC. Only now it’s even besterer. 🙂
      But I hope you’ll calm down when I wipe it off the small one once I come across something new I deem worthy of testriding.


    • Yeah … but what exactly was the word you was looking for, hun? District, district … disciple … dysfunctional … distribution, distro?


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