New Screen

Yesterday hubby and me went silly … uh, sillier than usual. Ran about a lovely little super cheap mini computer screen in our local second hand store and just had to have it. 🙂

Cuteness on the right side

No, it’s not the 24″ Acer on the left but that nasty Proline thing to the right. Why we did it, respectively why I wanted it and hubby agreed is because of its form factor. This screen is small, just 15.6″ like a normal sized laptop, 768 x 1366 dpi, but in 16 x 9 format. The old one was a 4 x 3 screen, which – although being theoretically better suited for office work – looks weird in 2016.

Weirdo 4 x 4 screen

Now we have two 16 x 9 screens side by side … and they both fit the length of our little selfmade shelf. Perfect.



  1. Good question, Sammie. We haven’t watched TV in years and even got rid of our TV box a couple years ago so I can’t tell if still supported. I know I had some problems with stretched graphics after installation of some Linuxes. But all that is quickly sorted out since you can adjust it all in the screen management in your Linux control center.


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