Exciting Newness

Or not. You decide. Me’s not quite sure myself.


Just tried to surf to orcaflotta.blog but it’s maybe too early. WordPress says it may be unstable for the first 72 hours. And I also guess it won’t make any difference at all for the readers since they will be automatically redirected or sumfink. Jeez, I’m not geeky enough for shit like that, just found the .blog addy pretty cool. Let’s just wait and see.

And, hey, as always some feedback, pos or neg, is appreciated. Do they make you jumping thru hoops to get to this blogsy or is everything business as usual?



  1. The results of anything I do in my WordPress blog are sort of stochastically mapped to what I do to make them happen. I’m just now mastering how to get graphics where I want them. And still writing HTML for stuff like URL links to text when WordPress gives you a toolbar button for that. Beyond that, I’ve learned by doing that blog posts with colorful graphics are read more often than walls of text (I’m old enough to remember when blog posts were nothing but text. Meh.).

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    • Geez girl, you ARE a geek!!! Well, I guess I had my first blog in 2202 or 3 or so. And for me it was always more of a photo album with added text. Typing out URLs??? NEVER!!! To this day I don’t really know what HTML means. Do I need that for blogging?

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