On Heavy Rotation: La Luz


It’s hard to grasp how La Luz, a band that kinda specializes in surf rock and female harmony singing could spring from mostly rainy, damp and cold Seattle instead of Los Angeles. And yet they do have that distinctive SoCal sound we know from many great bands.



And it’s truly astonishing how this gaggle of only averagely talented girls have found a way to sound really great as a team.


Almost everyone who listens to La Luz agrees they should contribute to the next Tarantino movie, so exactly do they capture the atmosphere of his gangster flicks.


Meanwhile La Luz are semi-competently playing mostly small venues and hobbling along the border of semi-professionalism without going nowhere. No news lately, no new album in sight, one wonders if they are still active.


But that doesn’t matter much. It’s just fun listening to their special blend of Easy Listening popmusic and Surf Rock. They go down smooth and don’t disturb your afternoon nap, so why not give ’em bishies a try?







They are pretty good live:




Kinda interview:


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