• Nothing new? A flying camera in a small small case without any protruding propellers is nothing new? Girl, this ain’t just some semi-decent drone with some streaming video (whatever that’s supposed to be). This is the trouser pocket-sized camera flying itself! This is a game changer! Just take it outta your jeans pocket and start it directy from your left hand with your smartphone in the right hand. *Snap* super selfie and/or group shots.


  1. poor orcs only the design has changed small indoor drones and really good ones are ten a penny and with enclosed rotors OHH it’s coming up to Christmas put on eon your wish list
    Happy flying The one i have can take of and land in my hand only outside if it’s not windy
    and it’s fun great for checking loose roof tiles

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    • Does yours have a camera built in? And fits in your jeans pocket without breaking a propeller?
      Anyways, those drones aren’t for me, since I don’t have a smartphone to fly it.


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