The End of the World

… or something like it.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Know this guy?

Of course you do. Maybe you’re even one of the 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Yes, talkin’ about no one else but Casey Neistat, filmmaker and YouTube’s most famous vlogger. In March 2015 he started to vlog his life, daily and in great quality. Where others, who only publish one video per week, are standing around in their badly lit bedrooms and talking into the camera, Casey’s always on the move. Mostly on his electric skateboard but occasionally we see him in planes and helicopters and even on luxury yachts. He granted us a peek into his pretty exciting business life, into his family life, including his wife and daughter and his son.

There was always action in Casey’s vlogs, not a second of bordom, despite the fact it was just glimpses into his private life. And all of that done with great care and a style all of his own, edited and uploaded with great skill and iron discipline on a daily basis. For 18 fukn months!

And today, on the 2oth of November 2016, he made his last daily vlog …

Needless to say YouTube and the internet went into a massive shellshock. If you never heard of Casey before, it’s time to come out from under your rock and watch some episodes of this crazy permanent production spree.

YouTube without Casey’s daily vlogs be like so.

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