1. A similar theme appeared in a blog about Big Pharma research chemistry, when Microsoft UK told the local press they were going to cure cancer the same way they built software; Lots of jokes about “Blue Screen of Death” taking on a whole new meaning, but someone remembered the Microsoft Technical Support Experience:

    “Tech Support Guy at Microsoft’s Blindingly Obvious Cures for Cancer Division: Hi, I’m Chip.

    Ok, you’re a treatment failure in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Hang on, let me pull that up… I’m going to walk you through a cure… oh. Can you hold, please?”

    (two months later…. ) “Hello? Hello? Are you Patient Jane Doe?”

    Response: “This is her mom. Can you call back later? We’re having her wake.”

    Tech Support Guy: “Oh, good. I was going to suggest she reboot… “


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