Hmmm, Maybe This Is It!

What is it, Orca?  Jeez, cough up, girl, don’t be so fukn secretive!

Ya ya, ok, guys, gimme just a second, to sort out my own feelings … what do you expect when Orca writes about some “thing” that may be “it”, eh?


Yes, correct. But don’t groan, this may be indeed something nice or even very nice for you. And for your kids and your wives, husbands and grannies.


Talking about Endless OS, a brand new Linux distro, especially geared for families and kids, so it’s supposedly super easy to operate and won’t pull up any hurdles in front of you. Endless is also made with 3rd world countres in mind, so it won’t need internet access but has everything you need directly on board.


Of course the initial download file with the ISO is a bit bigger than your usual 1 GB Linux ISO. It’s indeed over 13 Gigs to downlaod but once you got that it gives you everything you’ll ever need. Directly on your machine. This ain’t an OS for primitive netbooks which need to be permanently connected in order to do the simplest tasks.


Endless OS is so complete it gives you endless fun right out of the box. Of course you can and should connect to the internet, no question. It’s just that you don’t necessarily have to.


And since Endless is aimed at emerging markets, as dirt poor 3rd world countries are called these days, they give you the full package of software and hardware as well. Ok, Linux OSes are always free, we don’t need one that’s specifically made for hungry kids in the Sahel Zone but Endless has even 2 cheapo computers on offer.


Look: They have the very cute Endless Mini


… and the blobby Endless One.


And they are both hilariously cheeeeeaaap! I know – or at least I hope – none of you guys is starving to death or is in any financial emergency, but wouldn’t it be nice to get one of these, or a couple of those and use it as a dirt cheap Linux test machine, without even getting close to your main system? And, hey, xmas is right around the corner. Your kiddos are old enough to get their own PCs, no?

These aren’t the super powerful gamer PCs and flashy aluminum Macbooks they’re looking for but they are capable enough to get them through school. And for the super clueless among you, the unadventurous, is Endless OS already pre-installed on these machines. They don’t just look like Apple Macs from the 9os, they follow the same philosophy: Unpack, Switch On, Compute.

The always stuffed nose of Sudo Reboot made an enthusiastic video about Endless OS:

And this is by the Endless guys themselves I guess:



    • Mhm, I think so too. And so cheap. If this is the long-awaited emancipation of the 3rd world? Their declaration of independence? I don’t think so since 99.9% of the target group will never know about this project and for real Linux geeks the software is too n00b-centered and the hardware is too weak.
      It’s just right tho for the middle ground, for Linux users’ family members and/or as secondary test machines.


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