What the …???

What do I read in the news?



Haven’t all the experts and product testers told you what a pos the 2016 MBP is? Yes, they did! And did the fanboys listen? No, fuck, they didn’t! What strange mass hysteria is this? Less is more? Old and busted is better than new and capable? Last generation processors are the best solution for professional users? Soldered on batteries and SO-Dimm modules are better than upgradable ones? Touchbar is better than touchscreen? 16 gigs of RAM are more than enough for all the professional applications? Nobody needs an SD-card slot? Stock standard MacBooks being sold as Pro models is great for the customer? Raised prices for no reason at all makes your MacBook Pro more valuable? Being hold hostage by Apple Inc. is the greatest experience ever?

There goes reason … swooosh outta the window. 😮



Know what? I give up. I move with my reasonably capable and reasonably priceworthy PC to a lonely island. I’ll cut off the interwebz connection and will use my machine only for doing something nice … like finishing the novel I started to write like 20 years ago. And then I don’t wanna hear anything about computers ever again!

Linus can’t hardly believe Apple’s success neither …


  1. I’m sure Apple will shudder at this. I actually got off the Apple upgrade train and use an iPhone 4S. I think Apple is up to version 7 these days. ATT (My wireless provider.) must be spending a fortune because not a day goes by when I don’t get an offer to upgrade to a “free” new phone or tablet. Now if there was just a way to get off the SL upgrades train?

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    • I’m almost positive that SL has a sweetheart deal with China to force SLers to upgrade computer hardware every three years. it’s past fecking ridiculous that SL has gotten Firestorm to act as their meatpuppets and force hardware and OS upgrades on us every 18 months or so. Sweet deal for China and wherever else PC hardware’s made. They need money to build ICBMs to aim at us, India and Russia, and we send it over to them.

      Can’t WAIT till India becomes a serious PC-building nation and realizes exporting cheap(er) PCs to the US is where it’s at, baby!. The answer to every real or perceived issue in SL seems to be to add a feature that takes more clock cycles and bandwidth in our viewers, and which somehow Windows XP and Vista just won’t handle – so we need new OSes and new computers which have what used to be astronomical levels of HDD space, CPU and GPU speed and bandwidth to run. India’s a huge country with a huge untapped PC market, and should have huge factories to build huge amounts of PC for cheap. I don’t mind buying from them – they aim their ICBMs at China and Pakistan.

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  2. I’m a ‘Droid girl, have been since my son turned me on to ‘Droid several years back. I don’t actually have a need to spend huge dollars on iPhones (bought my current LG phone at my local Boost Mobile store for US$20). ‘Droid talks to other Google Internet apps so compulsively I don’t have to tell Chrome to send directions to the phone – it’s happening automatically.

    Likewise, Microsoft replaced the execrable Windows 8.1 with Windows 10, which spoiled me so badly that when they decreed my ‘puter SHALL run Cortana executables despite my aversion to asking Cortana anything at all (I’ve worked with AI since the 1980s – trying to get someone else’s AI to work without being able to tweak it myself is bullshit), I immediately noticed the downtick in my performance – but never, ever considered selling my underwear online to afford a Mac (or a faster PC). My bestest SL bestie Cary runs Ubuntu and loves it, so going Linux is on the to-do list.

    If only GOOGLE would make nice eyes to Linux. A Google distro of Linux might be awesome. Backdoored by NSA, but awesome (and face it, the noble stand of Apple against the FBI probably had the kids at NSA headquarters helpless with laughter – they probably bought someone high up in Apple headquarters at Cupertino long ago and are reading stuff from iPhones before their owners even send it).


    • Allow me a couple points regarding your comment, Pat:
      Not being able or permitted to switch off the AI function is bullshit! If that isn’t the reason to kick Windows out and install a Linux instead, then I dunno what else. Well, I know several reasons but the fukn AI is the final nail in Microsoft’s coffin.

      “Upgrading” to Mac isn’t an option! Particularly in the case of SL (or gaming in general) it’s downright hurtful.

      Your bestie is right, although Ubuntu ain’t on my favourite list. It’s hardly on anyone’s list anymore since Canonical made so many stupid decisions lately and their super stupid Unity desktop is just that: Stupid. Nobody uses it. Ubuntu MATE or Kubuntu, or even Lubuntu, on old and weak hardware, okayyy, but not vanilla Ubuntu.

      As a reader of this here bloggy, you know what Orca recommends. Go ask your bestie what she thinks. Discuss. But whatever you decide on, take Linux off your to-do list and JUST FUKN DO IT! Why are y’all treating a harmless and ultra quick OS installation like a huge project? Linux ain’t Windows, you know? Everything is easier and faster.

      No reason why you shouldn’t be reading and commenting on this blog in Linux in like half an hour! And to make it even faster and you don’t need to research my blog, here are your candidates:

      For old, weakish hardware (think 300 $€ laptops): Linux Lite: https://www.linuxliteos.com/
      And/or LXLE: http://lxle.net/
      These are even based on Ubuntu, so you don’t need to start a fight with your bestie. 🙂

      For real computers: Linux Mint: https://www.linuxmint.com/
      I recommend the LMDE flavour since it’s a rock solid stable distro, based on Debian in adorable Minty style. If that’s not your cup of tea you can also install Mint 18, which again is Ubuntu based (which is Debian based, so we’ll stay in the same Linux family whatever we do). Both versions give you the choice of Cinnamon and MATE desktops, which are relatively same-ish flavours. MATE is more customizable and lightweight, Cin is more moderner. =^.^=

      Now go and do it! And don’t dare reading or posting on this blog before you’re not a bonafide Linuxer! 🙂 [insert evil laughter here]


      • As a fellow Acer POS laptop owner. which flavor of Linux would you recommend for that platform? You said Linux Lite or LXLE, but I’d like to run Firestorm natively in Linux, not in a VM running Windows 10 (because even I could see the issues of bloat and lag doing that). Do integrated Intel graphics drivers even exist for Linux Lite?

        I ask because (as you know), for cheap laptops you got integrated Intel or you don’t got no graphics (there’s an Acer at the $800 price point which has nVidia graphics hardware). On the cheerful side, 8Gb laptops are trickling down to us poor (or just stingy) folks.


        • Pat, hunny, the flavour of Linux doesn’t matter in SL. They all should be able to run FS natively, has nothing to do with your OS. I prefer Arch-based systems (e.g. Manjaro) cause some clever guy (or girl) put Singularity and Firestorm too (I guess) in the AUR (Arch user repository) so installation is super easy and it gets really properly installed. In all the Debian/Ubuntu based systems (*buntu, Mint, Lite, Point, MX-16 …) I wouldn’t know how to install it (not geeky enough for shit like that) so I just run it directly from the downloaded, unpacked package. That works very well but ain’t that stylishly looking.

          I’ll run a proper Manjaro review and introduction article soon … with a little tutorial about installation. Not sayin’ you should use Manjaro right away, I won’t recommend it for first-time users.

          Can’t say anything about VM, never tried it and prefer proper installs. That’s why I keep 3 computers handy to play around with. Others, Trap for example, are huge fans of VM and see no problems in using it. See this very well-made post by her, instructing you in thorough detail about how to instal Linux in a VM:


          Oh yes, integrated Intel graphics aren’t a problem with any Linux. Only when you wanna install Nvidia or AMD drivers it gets a tiny litte bit tricky or labour intense. Again depending on your Linux distro. And again you’d be very well off with Arch distros but .. well, you know. Taking into account your n00b status and the “power” of your lappy I really can’t recommend any advanced Linux system. Although Manjaro loads slowly but runs very fast on my netbook, Second Life is severely challenged by the Intel graphics. Much more than standing around and chatting on the lowest graphics and very low fps isn’t possible on my netbook.

          Still, my recommendations for a fitting Linux for you remain Lite, Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu LXLE, Point, MX-16 and Mint.


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